275 pages and counting!

I just reached page 275 today in my MS. It might not seem like much, but what I’m working on is the rough rough draft. It’s just the very bare bones of the book. Where there’s dialog, there really aren’t any descriptions and vice versa. In other words, I don’t really have any specifics down yet. I write like this because the descriptions and specifics can all come later. If I worried about those now, I’d never get done with the book! Basically, my book is mostly dialog with some descriptions scattered throughout. So, you can imagine how 275 pages of mostly dialog can make a pretty thick book! Once I’m happy with what I have, then I’ll go back through and fill in the emotions, descriptions, and specifics. I don’t want to get bogged down with unnecessary stuff when I’m going to be cutting , adding , and moving stuff around. I’m very close to the ending. In fact, this particular day in the book is the last day. I should have at least 300 pages. Then, rewrites!


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