Yesterday, today

Yesterday was an extremely busy day for me so I didn’t update at all.  I worked all day and then took the kids to the mall.  My son’s birthday is this Saturday so I took him to Hollister and got him some clothes and cologne at marked down prices–shirts for $11 that were normally $30, and a hoodie that was normally $90 for $35.  We then went out to eat at Steak N Shake, my son’s favorite place to eat, and then to the store to get stuff for his German class today (you know how kids are when they tell you the day before–hey mom, I need to take stuff to school tomorrow).  It was late by the time we got home (10:30).  The girls did not want to get up this morning and my youngest was extremely cranky.  First she refused to get dressed, then refused to brush her teeth, then refused to comb her hair…you get the picture. 

Tonight they go to their dad’s so he can take them out, again, for my son’s birthday.  This weekend I’m taking them to the movies for his birthday.  You might be wondering, why isn’t he having a party with his friends?  That’s an entirely different post which I don’t have time for right now, but the short story is, he got himself grounded until the end of the school year. Yep, you read that right.  He’s grounded until JUNE.  What were we going to do for his birthday?  The original plan was that I was going to take him and two of his friends to Chicago for the weekend.   We were going to stay on the Mag Mile, eat at Willis Tower, go shopping at the mall and other fun stuff, all paid for by me.  Those plans have since been canceled.  Has he told his friends this yet?  Nope.  If I was his friend, I’d be pissed.


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