Adventures of buying a new TV

I’ve only bought a new TV twice in my life.  The first time was many years ago and quite easy–only the floor model was left and they (Sears) let me buy it on discount. This time?  Let’s see…it only took us two hours and going to two different stores.  The salesman at the first store was extremely informative.  Unfortunately, they were sold out of both the TV and DVD player I wanted.  So, he called to another store which the person he talked to said they would put both the TV and DVD player on hold and send it up to the Customer Service desk since that store’s electronics department was getting ready to close (it was about 10:30 at night).  We made a mad dash to the other store only to discover the TV and DVD were not on hold. Luckily, they were still available (only one TV left).  After some confusion about what happened, the store clerk found someone to put the TV on a cart for after which we then waited and waited and waited in line to check out.  There was only one line open and lots of people.

Finally it was our turn. 

The cables we bought would not ring up. The cashier tried and tried, but the register kept saying “scan other barcode.”  There was only one barcode!  WTF!  The cashier kept turning the box over and over, trying to find the nonexistant second barcode.  She finally got a manager’s attention who went to check the price but then came right back saying it scanned on her handheld.  After about another  five minutes she figured out how to ring them up by putting in the price and description, twice (I got two cables).  I paid for my purchases and thought, “Finally!  We’re home free!” 

Not quite.

They couldn’t get the sensor off the TV.  You know that big wire that’s wrapped around the box?  It would not come undone, not because there was something faulty but because no one actually knew how to take the damn thing off.  Finally after about another fifteen minute wait of numerous people trying to get the sensor off, finally, someone figured out how to get it off.   Yeah!!  I had had my son pull the van up to the store about twenty-five minutes before (since we were next in the checkout and I figured we’d be out in about two minutes), and the first thing he asked me when I got in the van was, “What  took you so long?”  I then went into my tirade and rant about why it took so freakin’ long to check out of the damn store on top of them not having our stuff ready for us (I’d have been extremely pissed if we had gotten there and the TV was sold). 

Three hours after we got home (by this time it was 3 a.m.) we had the TV set up and programmed.  I was dead tired.  

 Today when we played a game on the Kinect we were all like, “Wow!  That’s what it’s supposed to look like?”  I’m very happy with it.  I ended up getting the Vizio 42″ 120hz with 1:100,000 contrast ratio.   The picture is reallyclear and it’s excellent for gaming.   I just wish I could’ve afforded a bigger TV.   Ah well.  We can’t get everything we want.


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