And another month rolls by…

When I was much, much younger I always thought time crawled by.  The old folks (those in their 20s, 30s, and so forth) would always comment about how the older you get, the faster time goes.  I didn’t beleive them then, but now?  I can’t believe how another month has flown by.  My son turned 17 on the 29th.  He then reminded me how next year, he’ll be 18 and graduating from high school.  Ack! 

So, today, I decided that I really need to buckle down and make some goals for myself.  Goal #1 being to finish the rough, rough draft this month and get the layout/outline finished and start rewriting.  Last night I sat down and wrote about two lines. That was it.  Usually I write better in the evenings and can pound out about five to ten pages at a time.  Or, if I’m not sure what to write, I just write whatever comes to mind and then just “go with the flow” so to speak.  But last night I just couldn’t think.  I had too many other things on my mind and wrote two whole lines.  I knew it would be pointless to sit there, beating my head against the desk so I just didn’t write last night.

My second goal is to actually work out on the elliptical.  We got it set up and it is now in the family room so you can watch TV and work out at the same time.  I’m still not happy with the layout of the furniture, so I’ll probably end up moving a rocker into the living room. 

And lastly, my third goal is to carve out some more family time.  My work schedule has been crazy hectic plus with keeping up the house, homework help, and writing, there just isn’t a lot of time for fun family time.   Let’s see how well I do with keeping up with my goals.


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