Finished!! Well, with the rough, rough draft at least…and a contest to celebrate!

I finished my rough, rough draft tonight on Superbowl Sunday.  I have such a feeling of accomplishment.  Granted, I still have a long way to go to get to the point where I have a finished MS that is deemed publishable material that I can market to agents and publishers.  Still, I’ve finished something that almost 90% of writers don’t–I finished a draft.  The next few days will be spent with me deciding what changes need to be made, which I already have a pretty good idea about that.  I have to say though that what I currently have is quite a change from the outline I started with.  I can’t wait to get started and hope to be finished with the second draft within two months.  It took me three months to do the first one, so hopefully the second one will go faster. 

To celebrate, I’m holding a contest!  I have an extra copy of  Tempest’s Legacy by Nicole Peeler that I’m giving away.   Last October I had preordered the book and forgot about it.  Late in December when I was in Borders, I saw the book and bought it, and then I received the book in the mail the first week of January.   It’s the third book in her Jane True series.  I love the way that Nicole writes.  There’s skank, smut, and complete honesty!  The books are fun to read, hilarious, witty, and Nicole has such a way with words. 


Here is an excerpt from her fourth book, Eye of the Tempest, (which I believe will be out later this year) where she describes an oven in the sexiest way imaginable (who knew ovens could be so sexy?)

…I darted toward what I knew was waiting for me.  The last time I was here, it had taken pretty much every ounce of self-control I had not to go and hump the stove dominating Anyan’s kitchen.  I don’t normally hump kitchen appliances, but this was no ordinary mod-con.  It was something sublime.  Something that transcended beauty and form and functin and could make an angel weep.  It was a Wolf Challenger Restaraunt Range.  And I loved it.  I skidded to a stop before my destiny, blinking as the ever-awakening sun gleamed off its brightly polished surfaces.  Gliding a hand over its hard, proud, stainless-steel frame, I caressed its burners, prying one up just to see how unabashedly easily it opened itself to me.  I thought of all the pots I could get on it, and how each one would simmer.  Simmer just for me. 

So, for the contest…reply and describe an everyday object in a really sexy way.  Those of you who already have the book or aren’t interested in the contest can vote on whose description you like the best.  Be imaginative!  The contest will go until February 18th.  I will announce the winner on the site and then send the book out.


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