Chicago fun

Over the weekend my sister and I took our two oldest kids to Chicago for the weekend.  My niece’s birthday was the 12th and my son’s birthday was two weeks earlier, so we took them to Chicago to celebrate.  And yes, my son is still grounded so his friends couldn’t come along, but dammit!  I wanted to go to Chicago!  So we went!!

The first couple things we discovered on our trip was that a) the toll road really does make driving easier.  Yes, it costs more but it’s faster and a fairly straight shot there, and b) GPS is a wonderful thing!!!  I bought a GPS the night before since I’ve been wanting one anyways.  I must say that it took the headache and nausea of driving through Chicago away. 

We stayed at the Best Western River North.  We reserved the oversized king deluxe room or whatever you call it.  It wasn’t a suite, but it was a pretty big room.  The bathroom was extremely small, though.  The toilet looked like a little kiddy toilet–no joke.  But other than that, the room was actually really nice.  It had a living room area, the bedroom area, and two TVs.  It was in downtown Chicago on Ohio street.  They even offered free parking (OMG!!).  We were able to drop our luggage off early and park early, and the next day they let us keep the van there until 5 pm.  McDonald’s, the Rainforest Cafe, and the Hard Rock Cafe were right across the road.  Our kids had a lot of fun at McD’s.  There were some statues there, so of course the kids just had to molest the statues (and I got pics, heh. I’ll put them up when I can).

We watched No Strings Attached, which is a hilariously funny movie, except if we’d known ahead of time how much sex and sex talk is in the movie, we probably wouldn’t have taken the kids.  Can you imagine what it’s like, sitting in a theater, listening to men talk about eating a woman while your virgin son (at least he better be) is sitting beside you?  It’s a little weird.  Granted, he is 17 now, but still.  It’s weird.  I won’t even let him read my book. 

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory.  As soon as we walked in, I thought we’d entered Whoville.  Seriously.  The place was something right out of Whoville. Even the food looked like Whofood.  It was really good, excpet our waitress took a looonnnggg time.  We were there for over two hours, and all we’d ordered were appetizers and cheesecake.  We’ve decided that the next time we go there, we’ll plan on staying for about five hours.

We did lots of shopping and lots and lots of walking.   We walked so much, that I figure I don’t need to work out on the elliptical for the next week…or maybe that’s just me being lazy. 

We never made it to Willis Tower or to the Hard Rock Cafe.  We just ran out of time.  The next time we go, we’ll visit those places.

As a side note, no one has entered the contest for Nicole Peeler’s book.  So, instead, if anyone wants it, just drop me a line.  It’ll go to the first person who wants it.  Hey, it’s free!!  If you would like to venture into the world of Jane True then let me know and I’ll get it to you.  I believe that next month, Orbit, Nicole’s publisher will be offering the first book, Tempest Rising, for download for $2.99.


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