From the perspective of a 9-year-old

As promised earlier, I am posting my youngest’s book report.  She was a part of Ben Bella Books Young Reviewers Circle and read and sent in her review for The Sword of Darrow, a book which will be out in April.  For her part in reading and sending in her review and completing a book report, she gets a signed copy of the book with her name listed as one of the reviewers, and her school gets a free book as well.  All in all, I think she did a pretty good job.  Maybe a future writer in our midst? 

Sword of Darrow

My book is called “The Sword of Darrow” by Alex and Hal Malchow. The characters are Darrow, a small princess named Princess Babette,2 wizards, a good wizard and a bad wizard…the good wizards name was Asterux and the bad wizards name was Zindown.

The book started when Princess Babette was up during the night and during that night…war came and Babette was the only the only one to survive. She ran away and met the great wizard Asterux. She learned magic then turned into a witch named Sesha. While Babette was gone goblins took over her country and made slaves out of everybody.

 Ten years later Darrow a young crippled boy set out to find people to make a army to defeat the goblins. Finally he found people and created a army. Then there came a small war. Darrow’s team won! Scodo and Sesha made a plan to have Scodo right a letter to people to help Darrow and to bring more soldiers to Darrow. Soon Zindown found out what Sesha and Scodo were doing with the plan and Zindown tried to stop them. Then Sesha and Zindown had a magical war.

 Darrow’s army and the goblin’s got ready for a battle and the goblins thought the would win … but they lost. Then there was a evil plan made by Zindown to kill Darrow. In the end good won and evil lost   

The End


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Siobhan
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 02:14:19

    A lovely interesting review, well done your daughter! 🙂 She writes beautifully.


  2. tonyakerrigan
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 18:02:27

    Thank you! She loves to read and write, and is currently writing a story about a mean princess. She started writing when she was 3.


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