Pale Demon

Kim’s latest book, Pale Demon, just came out this past Tuesday.  So did J.D. Robb’s latest In Death book, Treachery In Death, and Richelle Mead’s book, Iron Crowned.  I’ve been busy reading these last few days.  I finished Pale Demon a few days ago but haven’t had a chance yet to read the other two yet.  So for now, I’ll tell you about Pale Demon.

I read it in one day.  I couldn’t put it down.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kim Harrison and her Hollows series, I suggest you start reading, immediately.  Her series stars with Dead Witch Walking.  It’s a dark urban fantasy series with witches, vampires, elves, humans, and demons (but not your Hell’s demons).

She spins a tale about how the human and elf races were almost completely wiped out by…tomatoes.  Fast forward a number of years and you have our main character, Rachel,  who is a “white witch” and basically a private detective…sort of. 

Rachel manages to get herself into trouble, a lot, though not meaning to.  She’s not your damsel-in-distress though.  She knows how to fight and how to fight dirty.  By the way, her sidekick is a foul-mouthed pixie who has some hilarious comebacks and sayings.  I think my favorite is his version of the 12 Days of Pixy Christmas.  How can you not sing along to “fiiiiive trolls in drag, four purple condoms, three french ticklers, two horny vamps, and a succubus in the snow…”

There is also a lot of tension between Rachel and a guy (of course..there’s always a guy), Trent Kalamack.  Trent is Rachel’s pain-in-the-ass.  Those two just can’t seem to get along.

Pale Demon is the ninth book in the series and is probably the best one yet.  While the other books are based in Cincinnati, Pale Demon is a cross-country road trip that ends in San Francisco.  Rachel has three days to get from Cinci to San Francisco to assist Trent with his mysterious business and to clear her name for being shunned or else live out the rest of her life in the Everafter.  The trip begins with three people–a witch, a vampire, and an elf–along with a pixy  in the car and ends with five people and a pixy crammed in the car.  Along the way, Rachel leaves a trail of destruction, though not her fault. 

The ending of the book caught me completely off guard.  Kim had hinted that Trent would find his HEA that had nothing to do with Rachel.  I loved how the book ended and now can’t wait until book 10, which won’t be out for another year!

Seriously though, Kim is an excellent writer.  She spends a lot of time on how she words each sentence, how she makes the action scenes flow, and how to make the story believable.  Even if urban fantasy isn’t a genre you normally read, I think you would fall in love with her books.  If you’re an author starting out, reading her books and her blog will help you become a better writer.  She is one of the few writers who actually interacts with her fans on her blog and gives advice on how she writes. 

I am off to get Treachery In Death and Iron Crowned. I’ll let you know about those. In the meantime, happy reading and productive writing!


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