Like a virgin…pink

I am rewriting a scene where Tora is in the salon, getting a mani and pedi.  The colors of choice are Like a Virgin, Italian Sunrise, Cool Water, Blue Velvet, Ice and Adventure.  Of course, Tora chose Like a Virgin, which is pink.  When I originally wrote this scene, I wrote pink Like a Virgin and then realized it sounded really nasty and smutty. So then I thought, how about Like a Virgin pink?  Still, nasty and smutty, not that I don’t like nasty and smutty, but I don’t want it on my nails.   

Now, this is how my scene is written:   I kind of liked the Like a Virgin.  It was a pearlescent light, delicate pink.  I also liked the reds, Adventure and Italian Sunrise. “I think I’ll go with Like a Virgin.”

Better?  I think so.


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