Quiet here…update for the week!

I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog lately.  I’ve been busy with other stuff and didn’t get as much writing done as I would’ve liked.  I’m just getting ready to start on chapter 4.  This chapter is something entirely new, something I hadn’t thought of in the last draft, so I’m trying to decide how to make it go.   And, I’ve put Tora with a different guy.  Surprise, surprise.  Not a new guy, just someone else.  I’m actually considering eliminating one of her love interests to make things easier.  A triangle is hard enough, but a quadrangle?  That’s a lot harder to write.   I might as well  just change the story to that of a succubus instead…(not really, no, although I bet writing about a succubus would be a lot of fun…hmm…idea for the next series maybe?)  I’m keeping the character who used to be her love interest, but instead of a boyfriend I think he’ll just be a friend, confidante, whatever.  Maybe it could blossom into something more…I don’t know.  I’ve discovered I just can’t plan her love life. 

I’ve been dealing with family issues for the past week that have made me irritable and grumpy, but things are better now. 

My youngest lost her phone Sunday.  The last time she used it was at her dad’s, but he swears it’s not there. Well, it’s not here either.  She says she put it in her bag, but I have yet to see it.  I’ll wait a few more days and see if it turns up.  If not, I guess I’m replacing her phone.

Yesterday I had to shell out money for a new pair of frames for my son’s glasses.  He broke them the first time by sitting on them and snapped one side.  He taped them back together and then broke the other side while taking off his shirt while still wearing his glasses.  He looked kinda funny with his glasses all taped up.  When I took him in to the eye doctor yesterday, they temporarily fixed them with shrink wrap until his new frames come in.  You can’t tell their broken now, though they can’t bend. Still, if I’d have known they could shrink wrap them, I wouldn’t have shelled out the money for new frames!

Last night my dryer decided to stop working . I think it’s just the drum belt though, so a fairly easy and cheap fix, thank goodness!  I just got my van back.  I can’t have another expensive fix.  I was going to try and do it myself, but seeing as how I’m not really mechanically inclined, I’ll see if my neighbor can fix it instead.   Hopefully it can get fixed soon.  With four people in the house, laundry piles up fast.

My older daughter went to the dentist yesterday, no cavitities!  She did manage to pull out a loose tooth by… a candy cane.  Yes, you read that right.  Somehow, somewhere, she got hold of a candy cane, was eating it, it stuck to her teeth when she bit down on it and when she opened her mouth, it pulled her tooth right out.  She currently has three more loose teeth.  I really hope she doesn’t try the candy cane method again for pulling them out. 

I tried Zumba for the first time last night!  It was fun but I know for damn sure I don’t look as good as the instructors do.  Luckily I was watching a disk so I could Zumba to my heart’s content in the privacy of my own home.  I’m trying to lose weight before we go to Florida next month.  I can’t wait for Florida!  And yes, I have been using my elliptical, though not as much as I should.  A few nights ago I did a mile on it.  I should probably try to incorporate Pilates in there sometime as well, but Pilates is hard!  Maybe, maybe not…geez, I sound so indecisive.  I’m not, normally, but going by today’s blog you’d think I was.


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