Recovery Day 6

My son had his tonsils taken out last Wednesday.  We were at the surgery center for only about two hours.  He was pretty out of it for about an hour afterwards.  The nurse said he was only supposed to eat smooth foods–things that could just slide down. Oh, and cold foods too, nothing hot. So what did he want to eat right away?  Pizza.  When I explained to him why he shouldn’t eat pizza, his response was “Anything I eat makes it hurt, so I’m going to eat what I want.”  He was doing fairly well the first few days, but then by Saturday things started going downhill.  His ears were hurting bad. Sunday the doctor had him taking extra prednisone.  He  missed school Monday and today.   I had to take him to the doctor today.  It turns out the left side of his throat isn’t healing as well and his ear drum is swollen.  He’s also dehydrated from not drinking.  The doctor prescribed some numbing ear drops which are helping, and for some reason the only thing he can drink are SoBee drinks (hmmm…).  At least he’s drinking more now. We’ll see if he goes to school tomorrow.


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  1. conniekauffman
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 21:35:41

    Ouch! It sounds painful. Hope he’s feeling better soon, Tonya!


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