Spreading the bzzz…

I am a Bzz Agent, meaning I spread the buzz about products.  I receive free products from companies and then state what I think about those products.

Sooo….I recently received Maybelline’s 24-hour Superstay 2-step lip color. I received four colors in all–Wildberry, Chestnut,Wine, and Rose.  This is like a lip paint, not lipstick.  First you apply the lip paint, let it dry for two minutes, then apply the gloss.  It’s supposed to stay on without transferring onto cups, food, people, clothing and lasts for up to 24 hours.  First of all, I did like the product, but I didn’t love it.  I’ve tried lip paints in the past and they dried out my lips, which Maybelline’s didn’t.  My lips stayed soft.  One problem I did have though is the Rose color seemed to crumble easier, especially after eating and I’d have to reapply the color.  I did have some transfer onto cups but not clothes or people (I could kiss my daughters without leaving kissy marks!)   The Chestnut lasted the longest, all day actually. I could eat, drink, and be merry and not have to reapply the color at all.

I tried all four colors numerous ways–alone, without any lip primer, with lip primer, with vaseline to soften my lips first, and two coats of lip paint.  What I found is that lip primer doesn’t really make the color stay on any better. Putting Vaseline on your lips first to soften them is a no-no–the color wouldn’t stick. Two coats of lip paint didn’t work either with the Rose. That color just wouldn’t stay on. I also discovered that you should only use the gloss when you first apply the color, and that’s it.  Don’t apply it again. It makes the color crumble and transfer if you keep using it. All in all, I was happy with the product in that I didn’t have to constantly reapply it every hour. 

I received Loreal Paris One Sweep Eyeshadow and Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara.  First of all, I have to admit I was a skeptic about the eye shadow.  It’s three different complementing colors that come with a special applicator, and you just sweep the applicator over all three colors and then over the eyelid, giving you a professional, blended look in one sweep. I saw it in the store before I received it, and my first thought was ‘Yeah right.  Like that’ll ever work.”   

Since using it, I love it. I received the gold palette, and I love the color.  The bottom shade is a really dark brown, the middle is a golden brown, and then the top shade is a light gold.  It actually does work!  And because the bottom color is so dark, it’s like an eyeliner, so I don’t even have to apply eyeliner!  

The mascara is pretty cool too. It has these light-reflecting particles in it giving you “sparkly” lashes, except you can’t really tell their sparkling unless you’re really close.  It’s a two-step mascara–first you apply the mascara then the “sparklies.” I like it, but I wish the applicator was longer. I’ve even used the sparkly part alone without the mascara.  Again, I like it too.

Another site I learned of from being a Bzz Agent is ThreadUp.  Basically it’s a child’s clothing sharing site. The web address is www.threadup.com.  I haven’t actually used it since my kids are too big.  It’s mostly for babies and toddlers.  If you use it, let me know what you think of it.


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