No time to write

I haven’t had any time to write for the past few weeks. First I was getting everythig ready for vacation, then we were gone for 10 days, and since we’ve been back it’s been nothing but work, work, work…and not on my book. This weekend and possibly the rest of the month is being devoted to yard work. My yard really needs some TLC. Today we raked leaves out from the bushes and around the trees. Tomorrow and the rest of the month will be devoted to trimming trees, bushes, weeding, mowing, and possibly some planting. Oh, and spring cleaning…lots and lots of spring cleaning. Throw in a weekend of R&R for a camping trip in Michigan, and May doesn’t leave me any time for writing.  Next month isn’t looking so hot either. I’m going to be doing a prep course for my CMT exam next month, so again no time for writing. Hopefully July’s outlook will be better. Maybe I’ll get this book finished before the end of the year…


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