My book just took an interesting turn…

Last night I had a few hours to write. I rewrote chapter three, but I’m going to have to fine-tune chapters one and two before I move forward. I was reading through them last night and realized I need to add more details, body language, facial expressions, etc…not just dialog.

For a while now I was trying to figure out how to introduce the backstory, which isn’t about Tora…do it as a dream later in the book? Make it the first chapter? But I didn’t really want to make it the first chapter, because my first chapter rocks. I originally made it into a dream, but I wasn’t real happy with it.  I really needed it though because the backstory includes other major players that will be introduced later (one of those players you meet in chapter one but just don’t know it). Well, today while I was listening to some music and folding laundry, my mind wandered to my book. I suddenly had the inspiration to make the backstory a prologue. Why I hadn’t thought of that before, I’m not sure. But, as I was thinking on that, I had another sudden inspiration…one of those major players in the prologue is going to come back in book two for a very specific reason.  I can’t say what because it’s a major spoiler, but it makes an amazing and interesting plot twist for book two. 

Also, I now have a clearer idea of Tora’s romantic life. It will be rocky. Very, very rocky, intriguing, irritating, and irrational…but also very, very fun…


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