And the ideas just keep coming.

OMG! (Jeez, I sound like such a teen!) Yesterday and last night I suddenly had all these different ideas about my book. I decided that in addition to Tora working, she’s also a psych student. For some time now I’ve  been trying to figure out what else I could have her do, but wasn’t sure. I thought about private investigator, detective…that sort of thing, but I don’t know shit about that stuff. Yesterday, I realized I could put her in psych. I haven’t decided yet if she’s a 3rd year student or close to her doctorate or maybe an actual psychiatrist, but anywhoooo…she’s going to be doing something with psych. Since that’s my background and I work in that every day, I might as well go with it. And if I have any questions, heck–I’ve got tons of doctors or clinicians (close to 500) at work who I can ask. Plus, it’ll make for some interesting reading. You can make up anything, and I mean absolutely anything, and it’ll work. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I’ve come across at work. Some stuff, you just can’t make up because it’s so far out there, but yet it’s true!

I  also had the sudden inspiration of introducing her dad relating to her psych background. He’s currently in prison. Originally, I had her “meeting” with him over the phone, but it seems so impersonal that way. This way…she’ll get to meet him in person for the first time in many years, even though she’s not expecting to….hmmm…I wonder how this meeting will turn out?

As I was coming up with all these new ideas, I also came up with some new titles for this book and the next. My working title right now is Immortal Secrets, but I’m not sure if that’s the one that will stick. Besides, when (not if!) I get this baby published, the title will probably change anyway. 

Yesterday I worked on the prologue and fine-tuned that. Today, I’m going to fine-tune chapter one. I love the first chapter. It grabs you, gets your attention, and you don’t want to stop reading. You just have to keep reading to see what happens next!

I feel like I made some major accomplishments to the book even though I didn’t write very much. Just coming up with the ideas, plot twists, and seeing things come together is very rewarding. The little world I’m making is slowly turning into its own sphere.


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