To Bite or Not To Bite

That is the question, isn’t it? I’m in Chapter 18 of my rewrites, and I’m at the point where Tora finally discovers what her “keeper” is.  He’s training her how to fight.  After a day of training, she’s learning hand-to-hand…and something goes wrong.  They went from “Finally, I got you down!” to “Oh, shit.”  

Now, I’m trying to decide how much of his history I should tell. I wrote it out, but I’m thinking I’ll save it for later.  In this book, knowing this much of his history really isn’t relevant. It’s interesting, yes, and I’m sure people will be dying to know more about him, but I think that not telling will add more mystery to his persona. Depending on how things go in the series, it’ll be a lot more relevant. If Tora ends up with him, that is, which I haven’t decided on yet.


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