And Back Comes Booger

Maybe you thought I was posting about boogers, but no. I’m posting about a character of mine named Booger. 

What??? Why would I name a character Booger?

And more importantly, how did he get that name?

Well, Booger first showed up in Chapter 3. When Tora first met him, he was a stinky vagrant who smelled of urine, feces, really bad BO and like he hadn’t bathed in a year. The name Booger popped in my head and it just seemed to fit. As I got to know him, though, it turns out when he was a kid he was always picking his nose, so his mother started calling him “Booger.” The name stuck.

He was meant to be a walk on/walk off character, only meant for that one scene. Apparently, he had other ideas. It turns out he’s much more integral to the story and has a few scenes where he shows up. And, he’s much more than a vagrant.

Luckily, he’s not a love interest of Tora’s. Thank God. I’m not sure I could handle her being attracted to someone named Booger.


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