Time To Rest

Whew…did you make it through the Christmas holiday? I did and now it’s time to take a rest. Although, I’m back to work today. With Christmas being on a weekend I had to work Friday and now am back to work today. The good thing though is that my trek to work consists of getting up, putting on my warm, fuzzy robe, meandering to the kitchen to make coffee, walking to my desk, logging in and starting work.

I was blessed to be able to spend Christmas with my kids and to give them what they wanted and to be able to help a friend out in need as well.  This Christmas we spent at home with just me and the kids since my youngest was leaving Christmas day. We’re not having our official family Christmas until January 6th. We’re having a combination family Christmas and my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary at a state park that has a beautiful hotel and a huge toboggan run.

My youngest took off yesterday and is now on her way to Florida. She’s only 10 and this is the first major trip she’s ever taken away from me. She’s been on camping trips and boating trips with this family before, but never something like this. I’ve been praying that she has a good time and that they have a safe trip there and back. Hopefully the weather cooperates and they don’t get stuck in any snowstorms.

Now I look to another year gone by and a new year beginning. There are going to be a lot of new beginnings for us next year. My son will be graduating high school and then starting college. I’m hoping to get my book sold and published and to hopefully begin a career as a full-time writer (which I sort of do already…seeing as how I transcribe).   This year has been sort of rough financially, but never have we had to do without. There have been times when I’d feel down and out but then remember all the others out there who have less than I do.  I hope and pray that next year will keep bringing blessings for everyone.



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  1. airsquadron
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 10:43:38

    May 2012 will be better for each of us, good luck for your writing career, best wish


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