Fixing the timeline

I’ve been working on my edits, got up to chapter 14, and realized that I needed to go back through and actually figure out my dates and such. In doing so, I’ve come to realize that I’m going to have to set the book later in the year–rather than June and July it’ll have to be set in August and September. Also, I’m going to have to change some scenes since I can’t have Tora going to school on a Saturday which means I now have to add in some scenes to correspond with the timeline. 

I have to figure out what’s going to happen in those new scenes since I don’t want to fill the book with fluff. I have a feeling there will be more debauchery, death and destruction though. Unfortunately, no downtime for Tora… well, just a wee bit like when she goes to the salon and gets her nails done in Like A Virgin…and the strip poker game…and the sex toy party…okay, I guess that sounds more like debauchery.  But it would be boring to read about how she relaxes with a book and a glass of wine or takes a walk or whatever else eases her mind…unless it involves some sort of physical activity or beating things to a pulp.

Maybe, just maybe, I will get this book finished and ready for critiquing by the end of this month.


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