Still not done…

I took a break from my book. I needed to step back from it for a little while and then come back to it with fresh eyes. I was working on editing it and realized I needed to fix the timeline. I also took out two characters–it just wasn’t the right time to introduce them. I’ve now started editing again from the beginning. I realized that in telling Tora’s story, parets of it were more narrating rather than her actually experiencing  what was happening, so I’m expanding on certain scenes.

She’s also become more snarky, bitchy, and has more of an attitude than before. Hmmm…

I like the way the story is moving. So far I’ve edited chapters 1-5.  Chapter 5 took me three days, since that chapter required a major rewrite. And, it’s a pretty hilarious chapter. What would you do if you woke up naked next to someone you barely knew and had no recollection of getting there?

Now, I’m to the point that I can actually print out my finished chapters and file them away until I’m ready to go through them a final time.

Here’s looking to chapter 6!


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