Writing demon


Well, I have been speeding along in my edits. I just finished chapter 17, so I’m about a week ahead of schedule. Yay!  I even came up with a new idea for some of my characters. I had been trying to figure out what to call them, and while I was editing it came to me.  I won’t say what they are,  but they’re not angels, not demons, not really even nephilim. Oh, and they’re not very nice. Not nice at all. Instead they’re very, very devious and quite self-serving.

Since I’m ahead in my edits, I won’t be worrying about playing catch up this weekend. I’m taking my son to a college visit, so we’ll be gone for the weekend. I was there years ago for Girl’s State way back the summer of my senior year in high school. I don’t really remember what the campus was like (even though I had been there for a week), and my son keeps asking me questions about it. I’m sure stuff is different though, like now they have a huge rec center with 2 pools, a sauna, racquetball and other sports. It’ll be interesting to see if I remember anything.


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