Texas Hold-‘Em, Strip Style

Just got done editing chapter 24. Tora had a belated Labor Day/housewarming party and after most of the guests left, the night was still young. Eight guests were still there, so what to do? Why, play poker of course, except up the ante and make it strip poker! That was a fun chapter to write, but also a bit confusing to write as well. I had to make a diagram of where everyone was sitting, and then mark them off as they played. Plus I had to remember the game–blinds, checks, bets, burn a card, turn a card, lay down the river, have people strip, eat, drink, talk, etc. It was exhausting to write.

I’ve been making major changes to the book now. I took out chapter 23. It wasn’t that long, and honestly there were only about two pages of needed info. I ended up putting that into chapter 24 and split that chapter in two chapters since it was so freaking long. Now I’m taking out chapter 25 and redoing that completely, but first I have to do some thinking about it. I won’t start writing it tonight. This chapter is a reaction to chapter 19, that really important chapter. Something happened to Tora then, making it so now someone else is looking for her. He doesn’t know who she is or even what she looks like, but he can sense her. Now I have to figure out how.

I think I’ll go take a nice, long, relaxing bath with a glass of wine and let my mind wander…


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