My brain has finally rested…

Now that I’ve been home for a few days from the Chicago North RWA Writer’s Conference, I’ve had time to rest, recoup, and am ready to share tidbits of information that I learned. Obviously, I can’t post about everything I learned–it was overwhelming. If I can even remember part of what I learned, I’ll be doing great. So, each day I’ll post some of what I came away with.

First off, the story.  What should you write about? Do you write what the current trend is? Do you write what Successful Author has written because you want to be successful too? The answer to that is a resounding…NO. You write the story that YOU want to write, what comes from your heart. Don’t write what Successful Author has written simply because she is successful. Successful Author is successful because she wrote from the heart.

Trends? Again, no. Don’t write for a genre simply because it’s what is trending now. It might not be by the time you get done. If that’s your only reason for writing in a specific genre, then you’re book probably won’t be that good. Again, write from the heart. Make it YOUR story.

On the flipside, what if what you’re writing isn’t what’s selling right now? Write it anyways! At some point, it’s going to be selling again. And, if it’s an amazing story, it’ll get picked up. Even though vampires are starting to dry out (hehe), if you’ve got an amazing vampire story, write it! If you have an old manuscript you quit because it’s not what’s selling right now but yet you were in love with it, dust it off and finish it.

That’s my tidbit for tonight. Tomorrow…I’ll start on craft.


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  1. philosophermouseofthehedge
    May 29, 2012 @ 23:08:44

    Excellent advice here. Especially the don’t write just to fit into a trend. (So true – by the done you are done, get it read and to a publisher -the world had moved on!)
    Writers do best when they write what they are driven to write.
    Important stuff to read here. Nicely done


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