I have been working on my synopsis for a couple of weeks now…and I’ve only got one page.  It’s extremely hard to condense about 350 pages of text into five pages that are interesting and make sense and include all the important points without the riffraff.  I’ve become a major procrastinator in getting it done.  I have tried writing it out, you know, planning it…outlining it…but I haven’t really spent the time to really work on it. So, starting this evening I have decided I am devoting the next three days to getting this sucker done!  I don’t care how it looks when it’s finished, I just want to get it written!  I know I’ll probably rewrite it about 10 times before I’m happy with it, but at least the first draft will be done by Sunday.

Then the other fun part.

I have to figure out what is going to happen in the next two books and write out mini-synopses on those too.  I have a general idea of what I want to happen in books 2 and 3, though book 3 is more like “Is she going to do this or that or end up with this guy or that guy or kill them all?”

I was supposed to have all this done last month, but I do have an excuse. (Really, I do!)  I was waiting to get my critiques back, plus there was my son’s graduation and open house and college orientation, all in one week, which I’ll have to write another post about how that went but not until after Sunday when I’m done with my synopses.  See, I’m going to be good and stop procrastinating.

Which means I must end this post now so I can get to writing.


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