Still Writing…

…And I got my synopsis done! Woohoo!  It wasn’t so bad once I forced myself to sit down and do it.  I think the hardest part was writing the synopses of the next two books in the series since I haven’t written the books yet.  The synopsis for book 1 was about one page; for book 2 it was about two paragraphs.  I just can’t think that far ahead.

And in other news…

The 5th and 6th was Thing 1’s college orientation. We left on the 4th and got a hotel.  By 8 a.m. we were at the college. He got his school ID and a Pok-EM or whatever plus other stuff.  The Pok-EM is this tiny little device that comes apart, you hold it up to someone else’s Pok-EM and they “talk” to each other. You can then upload it to your computer and it’s like a Facebook with other college students that you’ve poked. It’s pretty neat. So he poked a few people and a few people poked him. 

He stayed overnight at the college.  They had one hall open and it happened to be the hall he’ll be staying at, so it was nice that he was able to see the rooms.  The rooms are small, but each room has its own bathroom and it’s air-conditioned.  It’s one of the newest halls and is only for students in Business, Aviation, and Performing Arts.  It’s really nice that they house the students according to major.  There were lots of meetings we had to attend, and for the most part we were separated.  He got his schedule made up.  He’s doing two gen-ed classes and three flight classes.  He’s considering maybe double majoring in flight and unmanned systems–the school is supposed to have a degree program for the unmanned systems set up by the spring. It just depends on how much more work the unmanned systems degree would entail.  We also went to the airport and met his flight instructor and got his flight schedule made up.  Since we were doing that so early, he got first choice in his schedule and will be flying four days a week.

On the 10th is when I had my son’s graduation open house.  It was really nice and, like usual, I made way too much food.  I was going to keep it simple with just sloppy joes, chips, and cake, but that’s not what happened. I made sloppy joes, taco salad, two rhubarb custard pies and two strawberry-rhubarb pies, a frozen pineapple slush punch, plus we had cake, ice-cream, monster cookies, double-chocolate fudge cookies, four different kinds of potato chips, Sierra Mist and bottled water…I think that’s it. Everyone was happily fed and a lot of the food was gone by the time the open house ended, so all in all a very good time.

In the meantime, keep those fingers typing or writing!


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