Nothing But Time

All the kiddos are gone until next Thursday.  Things 1 and 2 are at grandma and grandpa’s. Thing 3 is spending the week at her aunt’s. 

I have nothing but time on my hands and  have absolutely no excuse to not finish edits on my book.

What? I’m editing again? Yes. You see, Tora is a grudge-heroine. I call her that because she really doesn’t want to be a hero. She doesn’t want to be a leader. And she most definitely does not want to be a queen. Yet she does those things–grudgingly I might add–because she knows people are expecting and counting on her to be those things. And…she’s also really fucked up in the head, so I need to show that more. She has issues with abandonment, low self-esteem, and trust.

At some point (not in this book, unfortunately), you will get to see her go all-out psycho bitch. Trust me when I say she will have a very good reason for doing so, but I need to set the stage in this book so when she does turn into psycho bitch, you’re not shocked and surprised. Instead, you’ll be like “Yeah, you go beatch! Beat his ass into the ground!”

So, my goal for this week is to show Tora in all her fuckedupededness glory.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Merideth Grue
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 18:21:46

    Those are the best heros/heroins. Like they must do good, but not because they aspired to.


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