Why Did You Do THAT?

All right, to give a little backstory here…

Thing 3 is in 4-H.  She chose scrapbooking for her project, which she actually did it last year. She got enough of her scrapbook done for the next couple years.  In order for her to get the pass to attend the county fair, she has to submit a project. She can attend the fair without the pass, but that means it would cost $8 a day. Since the fair goes for 9 days, the pass is worth $72 and that’s just for one person.

Her project is due today. Currently she is spending the week with my sister, will come home Friday and then I get to shuttle her off to her dad’s where she’ll be for the rest of the weekend.

So, when I checked her scrapbook to get things ready to take in…lo and behold there weren’t any scrapbook pages in it.  I called her at my sister’s, and she told me she took them out because she wanted to redo them (I had told her not to do this when she first mentioned it).  I have looked high and low and cannot find her pages anywhere and of course she doesn’t have any clue where they could be! The latest she can turn them in is Saturday and she won’t be home until Friday evening.





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