I Am So Frikkin’ Tired

We had a busy weekend with it being Thing 2’s birthday.  What started out as an overnight birthday bash turned into a weekend birthday bash. Let’s see…Friday evening she had two of her friends come over plus Thing 3 had one of her friends over.  Thing 1 escaped to his dad’s for the weekend because he didn’t want to be around screaming girls.

Thing 3 and her friend went to bed early, at around 9 because they hadn’t gotten to sleep until 5 frikkin a.m. that morning (not my fault….they had spent the night at her friend’s dad’s). I told Thing 2 and her friends to be in bed by midnight so they wouldn’t be tired when we went to the dunes. I don’t think they got to sleep until sometime after 2…or maybe 3.

Anyway, the older girls were tired and groggy when we all piled into the van and made our trek out to the beach. Of course, once we got there they were all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to swim. However, the water was cold! (to me anyways).  They went up the dunes twice and we went to the clay pit where they made themselves into avatars.

And I took along my specialty–fizzy fruit.

Last year at a camping trip I discovered that if you pack fruit in with dry ice, the fruit becomes carbonated and fizzes in your mouth. The carbonation also intensifies the flavors. Strawberries and grapes work well with this.  The girls loved the fruit, wore themselves out swimming and climbing sand dunes, and we only got  a little bit sunburned.

Afterwards, one of Thing 2’s friends and Thing 3’s friend stayed the night again…so I didn’t get any sleep again Saturday night and didn’t get to bed until about 2 a.m. last night (or this morning?).

I’m tired and groggy for work this morning…hopefully it’ll be a slow day and all the docs I transcribe for will speak clearly.

Oh…and stay tuned for my Teaser Monday.  I’ll get that out sometime today. 🙂


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