Fair Starts Today

Our county fair starts today, and the weather is perfect for it! A nice, comfy, 70 degrees with NO HUMIDITY.

The  bad part about the fair is it makes driving through town extremely difficult. Traffic will be backed up about 2-3 miles…seriously.  Our fair attracts over 250,000 people over the 9 days, so you can imagine what traffic here is like  during that time. It sucks.

On the bright side is the Fair Food!  You just can’t beat fair food. My favorite is these little donuts…God, they’re mouth-watering.

I can’t wait.

The kiddos like riding all the rides and looking at the animals. Our favorites are the horses and bunnies. Usually they have the Budweiser horses there.

We won’t be going to the fair tonight, though.    I had to take Thing 3  to the doc yesterday because her ear was still bothering her.  I had taken her in about six weeks ago and she was put on antibiotics and two different kinds of ear drops for an ear infection. Turns out the ear infection is still there, worse than before and now in both ears, so the doc gave her a shot of Rocephin.  She should be feeling better by tomorrow, though.


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