Physical, Check!

Thing 1 had his flight physical today. I’m glad to say he passed his 1st class physical, so that is done and out of the way. Phew!

We’re still waiting to hear about some financial aid. Of course he decided to opt for a degree that just happens to be very expensive to get. Luckily scholarships cover pretty much all of his regular college classes but not his flight fees–those are an extra $55K. On top of that he had to get a passport and will need books and equipment he has to buy, like special headphones, compass, and other stuff but I can’t remember everything.  He’ll also be traveling down to the Bahamas over spring break to do ocean flying, so will have to pay for the trip down and hotel and food, and at some point he’ll be going out to Colorado to do mountain flying.

 He would like to study abroad next year, which Italy has a  flight program that would work with his program here. However, we’re not sure what the fees would be, but I hear it’s more expensive out of country.  I would really like for him to be able to experience a year abroad, so even if the fees are higher….I guess somehow I’ll have to figure things out.

Aaanndd….he won’t be able to work while he’s in college because he’ll have such a full study load–16 credit hours schooling plus flying 4 days a week, which means his father and I will be supporting him in college too.  We’ll each be sending him money each month to pay for his living expenses, gas, car insurance, going out, blah blah blah in addition to anything financial aid doesn’t cover plus all that other stuff mentioned above. 

Did I mention that college is really expensive? There may not be a college fund for Things 2 and 3 with all the money we’re having to dish out for Thing 1.  I’ve always told him that whatever he wants to do, I’ll help him however I can as long as he works hard.  Soooo….there goes the bigger house, fancy vacations, the yacht, the new car…(unless my book does really well, I get movie deals and become rich and famous, of course, then I’m moving to Bali and getting the yacht).

Oh yeah…I forgot….at some point he wants to fly private so will need his own leer jet. I may have to draw the line there at helping him pay for it seeing as how I don’t have millions sitting around (again, unless I become rich and famous).

Stay tuned for Teaser Monday!



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