School Starts! Yay!

Today is the first day of school for Things 2 and 3. As you can see, smiles abound.

Yesterday we made little gift bags of assorted chocolates for their teachers. Hopefully none of the teachers are allergic to chocolate or nuts…

Hopefully they’re still smiling after today.  I’m ready for school to start so we can get back into a regular routine. Over the summer the girls were going to bed late, sleeping in late, being little monsters, wrecking the house, etc., etc.  Since I work from home, it’s hard to concentrate when the girls have their friends over and are screaming in the next room.

This morning my early-morning routine was interrupted by the girls waking up at 5 a.m. Seriously? What kids, other than mine, get up at 5?  Last week they were sleeping in until 12  in the afternoon. I had to literally drag them out of bed so they wouldn’t be up all night.

I get up that early to work out, do the dishes from the night before, have my coffee and a little me-time before I have to get the girls up.  When I told Thing 2 to work out since she got up so early, she balked at that and got breakfast instead.  I also spent half an hour combing out Thing 3’s hair since it was so freaking tangled after her shower. It was like she’d taken the towel and vigorously rubbed her head in an attempt to see how tangled she could get her hair, but she insisted she didn’t do that.

 I’m hoping they only got up early this morning due to it being the first day of school.


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