A Bookcase Is Supposed To Be Used For Books?

Friday Thing 1 moved into his college dorm. The room is pretty small, so him and his roommate had to bunk their beds and then figure out where to put the food.

Turns out a bookcase makes a pretty good pantry.  After all, they do have their priorities, you know.

Thing 1 also took his tower speakers. The speakers on top were “extras” he took. Like he needs four speakers? Other kids walking past his room would look in and were in awe over the sound system. He’ll have to be careful about not playing his music or games too loud, because those speakers can be very loud.

Thing 1 is sitting on the bed.  Him and his roommate get along great. His roommate’s girlfriend and sister came along to help move in. Surprisingly they found room for everything they brought. You should have seen the room beforehand–boxes everywhere.

He’s adjusting to college life, starts flying tomorrow and starts classes on Tuesday.


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