Weekend With Thing 1

A week and a half ago we (being me, Things 2 and 3, and two of Thing 1’s friends) went down to visit him at his college for Family Weekend.  Thing 1’s friends were able to stay in his dorm while me and the girls got a hotel.  We were also able to watch Thing 1 fly.  He has just over 20 hours flying so is gearing up for his solo flight.

He’s signing out his plane.

Here he is, right after flying.

I still can’t believe he’ll be a licensed pilot in a few more months.  Once he gets his private license, he’ll start working on his commercial license.

After he was done flying, we all hung out on the tarmac.  That’s his flight instructor in the background getting ready to put gas in the plane.

Here are his friends.

They both got a kick out of watching Thing 1 fly.  Friend 2 on the right knows quite a bit about flying since his dad is a pilot.  Unfortunately  Friend 2 has a heart condition and so he can’t pilot a plane even though he’d love to. 

The conversation that ensued between Thing 1 and Friend 1 (on the left) after he got done flying was pretty hilarious.

Friend 1: Man! That was awesome! Dude!

Thing 1:  You can do an introductory flight for 60 bucks.

Friend 1:  Uh….no…that’s okay dude.  I’ll wait until you get your license and then you can take me up with you.

Thing 1: You sure? You don’t want to fly?

Friend 1:   Yeah…I’m sure….but you can fly me around when you get your license.  

Afterward the girls and I walked around the campus. 

 I took this pic of them right before they ran through the fountain a couple of times.

Thing 3 was being quite goofy on the steps.

And here she is, showing off her ‘stache.

On our way back home, I almost got into an accident twice.   The first time, a 5-car accident happened right in front of me.  I didn’t hear the first accident, but then heard crash, crash, tires screeching, and crash.  As soon as I heard that first crash, I slammed on my brakes a second before the person in front of me hit his.  He was the tires screeching and then crash. Luckily, I wasn’t part of the accident.  The second almost accident was when an idiot decided to pull out in front of traffic going 70 mph and then turn into the median so he could make a left turn, except he was halfway out in the lane, so about five of us had to swerve to miss him.  Yeah, real smart.

Other than that, we had a fun weekend.  The girls liked seeing where Thing 1 is and Thing 2 has now decided that’s where she wants to go to college.  Thing 1’s friends also want to go there next year.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 16:19:01

    Jumping! Jumping! What a great post. Impressive plane pix. Cool fountain pixs. So glad you squeaked by the road damages!


    • tonyakerrigan
      Sep 27, 2012 @ 19:51:09

      Isn’t it amazing? He’s been in college 1 month and is already solo flying. His friends had wanted to drive down themselves a few weeks before, but after driving down with me and seeing the crazy traffic, they were pretty glad they hadn’t.


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