Thing 3 lost her iPod about three weeks ago. She remembered setting it down on the end table in her room but after that was quite mystified as to where it would’ve disappeared to. We tore her bedroom apart looking for it, and she checked behind and under the furniture. We knew it had to be in the house somewhere; we just didn’t know where.

Yesterday while playing in the living room (making a tent over the couch, of course), she dropped down in front of the couch and stuck her hand under it…and felt something hard and cold. Pulling it out, she discovered her iPod! She was ecstatic it’d been found but couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t seen it the last time she looked.

We have a feeling we know who the culprit is for the missing iPod.                                            

Leo is well-known for taking off with our things and hiding them. I’ve seen him try to drag off Thing 2’s glasses. He once shoved one of my rings down the sink drain and then tried to do the same with one of Thing 2’s earrings. He’ll take off with our socks and hide them. Basically, if he can pick it up, drag it or push it, he’ll hide it somewhere. He doesn’t have a particular hidey-hole…he just hides stuff wherever the hell he feels like it.


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