NaNo Day…6?

Wow. Day 6 already and I don’t have 5000 words written yet. I am officially not doing so hot.  Then again, working two jobs and taking care of two kids sort of takes up time.

I have been plotting out my NaNo book though…

I guess if I don’t win this year, that’s okay. At least I’ll have gotten a good start on Book 2, Beautiful Lies, of my Blood Promise series.

In other cool news, Thing 1 called me today to let me know he’s coming home for the weekend. It turns out he met a guy at college (which is 5 hours away) who happens to live close by us and they’re now friends. This guy is coming home for the weekend, so Thing 1 is hitching a ride, and then he’ll be back down again in two weeks for Thanksgiving break. I can’t wait to see him and neither can Things 2 and 3. They miss their big bro.


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