It Is December, Right?

Last week aka the end of November we had temps in the low 20s. Today, however, it’s supposed to be a high of mid-60s.


It feels like spring. Rainy, foggy, with that spring feel in the air. It makes me wonder if we’re going to have another mild winter and have summer come in February.

Thing 1 made a surprise visit home Saturday…or maybe Friday night. When I woke up Saturday morning I noticed his bedroom door was closed and thought, “How odd. Why would his door be closed?” I wondered if one of the girls had closed it, so I opened it and was shocked to see him sleeping in bed. He doesn’t have classes this week because it’s a study week and next week is finals. After that, he’s done for the semester and will be home for three weeks. He was planning to leave early this morning, but with the fog advisories out he won’t be able to leave until  mid-morning.


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