The holidays are behind us.  Thing 1 left for school yesterday–didn’t get there until about 1:30 in the morning and had classes at 8 a.m.  I guess he’s young and can do that.  Me? No.

Now that things are going back to normal for us, I can focus on my WIP. Guess what? I’m rewriting…again.

I don’t even know what draft number this is. I lost count a while ago.

Last month I heard back from the editor who had requested a partial. While he liked it, he said it wasn’t for him and he had suggestions for making it better. The suggestions he mentioned were actually things I’d thought about doing, but rather than going by my gut I’d listened to what others said. In essence, I’ve learned to trust my gut more.

Currently though, my head and my gut have been warring with each other. My head is telling me to move book one forward more into book 2 whereas my gut is telling me to keep it as it is and make a few changes. I hadn’t done any writing in the last month because I wasn’t sure what to do. I finally decided to go with my gut, and last night I dreamt chapter 1, so I’m going with it. Basically, chapter 3 becomes 1 and the beginning moves a lot faster. I like it better this way, and now that my head and my gut are in agreement, we can all move forward.


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