An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

As you know, I’ve been working from home for the past few years plus working part-time at the hospital.  I’ve loved working from home, but now that the girls are getting older they don’t need me at home all the time. Also, there’s the whole benefits issue.

The lady who replaced me when I went down to prn quit last week.  When I was at work yesterday, I made mention that I’ve thought about coming back full-time, but I really like the flexibility of working from home, I don’t want to work a 40-hour week (I’m currently doing 60 hour weeks and am tired, dammit), blah blah.  My supervisor asked me what I want. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: What’s considered full-time? 35 hours?

S: Actually, 32 hours and you get full benefits. Even though the job is for 40 hours, for you we’ll do 32 if you want.

Me: Really? 32 hours? Hmm…what about my schedule?

S: Make one up.

Me: So, like, I could work Monday through Thursday and have Fridays off?

S: Sure.

Me: What if I need to change it later on?

S: That’s fine.

Me: Well, hell. You’re making it so I can’t refuse.

S: Yep.  When do you want to start?

So…starting April 29th I will be back at my job full-time with a schedule I came up with on my own, and if I need to change it later, I can. In fact–I will be changing it once the girls are out of school. Am I lucky or what?


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