Only 279 Pages To Go

I’ve started final edits on my WIP. I started writing this book back in November of 2010, so here I am, marching on to my third year of working on this thing. I set it down for a few months, because I was getting sick and tired of reading it over and over and over. Now, looking over it with fresh eyes, I’m able to actually enjoy what I’m reading and not feel like throwing it across the room.

As far as editing goes, there really hasn’t been much, so far. A few word changes here and there, but nothing major, although I am going to change the name of the prison to a fictional one, though I haven’t decided what name to change it to. I haven’t gotten to that point in edits yet, so maybe by the time I do, I’ll be able to come up with a name. That’s usually how I roll…I come up with a name on the fly. Except in this case, maybe I should actually plan it out more, otherwise I might come up with a name like Violent Criminals Correctional Facility.

Or, maybe, I’ll let you guys come up with a name for me. Hmm…there’s a thought.

Only 279 pages to go. Maybe I’ll get it done this month.


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