Things were great…until I tried the tea

I went Black Friday shopping at a local mall. This is only the second time in my life I’ve ever went shopping on Black Friday, and it reminded me of why I don’t do it.

There’s waaay to many people!

I didn’t get much simply because I’m saving up for other stuff, so I “tried” not to spend money. Really, I did try.

I was doing great until we stopped in at Teavana. We moseyed around the store, sniffing and sampling different teas. Most of them were kind of blah or okay, but then…the sales associate had us try the holy grail of tea.

White Chocolate Peppermint.

Oh. My. God.

That first sip almost sent me into orgasmic bliss. By the second sip, I was hooked. When I asked her “how much?” she went behind the counter, opened up a tin, and the scent wafted out. She then proceeded to fill up a tin, weighed it, and told me the price.

I almost dropped my teeth.

A hundred-fifty bucks for 2 pounds of freakin’ tea?!

I was in turmoil. What to do? If I bought the full 2 pounds, then I’d get the tin for free AND 20% off the price!

Thing 2 and Thing 3 were both with me. While I was having an internal debate on what to do, they were chanting, “Get the tea! You know you want it. So do we. Get the tea!” I’m sad to say, I bowed under peer pressure and bought the damn tea. Of course, I also had to get a teapot to properly brew my tea.

After we got home, we all relaxed from a long day of shopping with a nice, hot cup of White Chocolate Peppermint tea. Ahh, heaven in a cup.

Rather than throw out the used tea, I have it simmering over the stove. My house smells delicious.

And the $150 tin of tea I bought? It’s now a prized possession and under lock and key. I told the kiddos they can’t make this tea whenever the hell they feel like it, because it’s gotta last an entire year! It’s only sold during the holidays, and I’m not spending another $150 on tea until this time next year.


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