Why Does It Look Like Blood Mixed With Barf?

I sent Thing 1 to the store for a few things–milk, hamburger, V8, crackers…so he bought some “flavored” milk. One was chocolate mint (yuck–grainy and too minty), and the other was red velvet milk (again, yuck).

Of course, Thing 3 wanted to try them. She agreed with me that the chocolate mint was gross, though Thing 1 disagreed. She then wanted to try the red velvet milk.

Have you ever seen red velvet milk? It’s thick like blood and the color of a sickly, muddy red. When I handed it to Thing 3, she looked in the cup and asked, “WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE BLOOD MIXED WITH BARF?!” She then proceeded to drink it, and guess what?

She liked it!

I, however, am staying away from it.


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