Random Acts of Crazy

I absolutely loved this book! I originally posted it on my other site, Reviews by Tonya.

Reviews by Tonya

I got hooked on Julia Kent’s books when Random Acts of Crazy was free on Bookbub. This book was like crack for me, so I once I was finished, I immediately had to read the second in the series, then the third…well, you get the picture. It’s a new adult story of a young woman, Darla, a redneck Ohioan, who picks up Trevor, the hitchhiking gorgeous, well-to-do savvy lead singer of the band Random Acts of Crazy from Boston who is high as a kite and wearing a spiked collar and a guitar…and that’s it. Trevor’s friend and bandmate, Joe, comes to rescue Trevor to take him back home and ends up falling for Darla as well, and so begins their threesome. It’s a hilarious read. Between Darla’s blunt vocabulary and way with words along with Trevor’s engagement to a chicken, I almost peed myself numerous times laughing so hard. Seriously, make sure you’re wearing Depends when…

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