Blast From The Past: Character Grid

I was going through my old posts and found a popular one that apparently helped a lot of people, so I’m reposting again. I first posted this back in March of 2012 and still was getting searches for it quite a few months later, so I reposted in 2013 and am now doing it again in 2015. If you want to read the original post, click on the links below. If you just want the character grid, scroll down.

I made character sheets and a character grid, but I found more people liked the character grid. I also posted instructions on how to use the grid.

Here is a blank character grid. It’s an Excel grid; you can copy it and make your own or print it out. Where I have dates, you can put chapters or scenes instead. You can put more than one chapter in each row. It’s very good for placing characters. You can look right at the grid and know what’s happening in a book without having to search for it. You can tell right away if a character is in the book too much or not enough.  And, you can add clues in for future books and know right where the clue is for future reference when needed, again without having to read the entire book to find it.

Blank grid

Blank grid

Here is a grid to show how it’s used.

Example Grid

Example Grid


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