Katja’s Curse

Katja’s Curse is a short story about a witch who discovers what happens when one doesn’t heed the Witch’s Creed to harm none and ignores the Rule of Three. To get this story, there is a catch (there’s always a catch, isn’t there??). You have to sign up for my newsletter  at tonyakerrigannewsletter@gmail.com. This story is just in time for Halloween! Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll give you a teaser below:

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Young or old, it matters not.

The witch’s creed must still be taught.

“Harm none,” the saying goes,

“For Karma will give you nothing but woe,

And you too shall suffer the same fate times three.”

Keep your heart pure, your mind alert,

For darkness, it seems, beckons from its perch.

“Come to me, let me in.

Allow me to slither along your skin.

I’ll give you what you so desire.

In return I ask for a favor that’s minimal to you,

You won’t even feel a pinch.

I’ll invade your mind and your very soul,

And give you what you desire most.

This arrangement is lasting,

As I decree,

That only death will free you from me.”

The rule of three must still be heeded.


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