Kaige Hunter | A Character Profile

Kaige (pronounced Cage) Hunter…or should I say manwhore, man-slut, pimp dick…well, you get the picture. Just to give an idea of Kaige, here are some of Tora’s thoughts about him:

Kaige and I had gotten to know each other over the past year. He’d tried getting me to go out with him but I’d always refused. I had no interest in dating someone who had a different girl hanging off his arm every time I saw him.

He’d once asked me why he should stop at one girlfriend when he could have two, three, four or more, all at the same time.

My response? Obviously, he was a manwhore if that’s what he did.

So, the guy who couldn’t get pinned down by any girl, who’d never committed to any girl, who’d never had his heart broken by any girl (he was always the heartbreaker), somehow, at some point, managed to get his heart stolen by Tora. How did that happen? Not even Kaige knows.

One new emotion he has to deal with is jealousy. Oh, yes. You see, Kaige has never had competition before; that’s not simply his ego talking, even though his ego is the size of Texas. He’s always been the alpha male, always had girls flaunt themselves at him and practically drop at his feet. However, Tora doesn’t drop at anyone’s feet and tends to rebuff him, which intrigues him.

Unfortunately, Kaige isn’t the only one intrigued; hence, the jealousy Kaige now needs to learn how to deal with.

Blood Promise is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Scribd, 24 Symbols, Inkterra, Kobo, and Thalia.



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