Blaedrykn | A Character Profile, Plus A $0.99 Sale!

Blaedrykn (pronounced blay-DRAY-ken) is a daemon, meaning he’s a demigod and quite devious as well which is never a good combination. His race has been banished to their own realm, though he was able to break the banishment curse on himself when Tora took over her great-grandmother’s powers. Tora knows he wants to use her, but for what purpose, she doesn’t know.  Here are some of Tora’s thoughts about Blaedrykn:

Wouldn’t I remember someone who was about seven feet tall?

He stood in the entryway, towering over the hostess. His long black hair flowed down his back. His eyes flicked up and burned into mine. He said something to her and nodded but kept his focus on me. He then made his way to me like a predator toward its prey, his gaze freezing me in place while I stood as helpless as a rabbit struck by a venomous snake. I could do nothing but watch him come toward me in a graceful, malefic lope. Something about him screamed dangerous.

I knew he was something other; I could feel it and see it in his eyes of silvery-grey, almost shimmering sometimes. Depending on how he moved, his eyes changed: shimmering silver when he tilted his head one way, gray when he tilted it the other.

…I could feel potency emanate from him like electricity along my skin.

Blaedrykn is somewhat of a conundrum for Tora. On one hand, he doesn’t seem to have any empathy whatsoever and can kill without a backward glance. On the other, he seems to actually like Tora. Hmm…

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With a murderous beast on her heels and a conniving daemon who wants to use her for his own means, Tora Hayden’s main objective is to keep herself and those she cares about alive.

After meeting an enigmatic businessman who possibly suffers from florid psychosis, Tora is propelled into the world of the supernatural. She’s forced to believe the mythical world exists when she’s brutally attacked by a savage fiend intent on annihilating her family line for reasons unbeknownst to her. With the assistance of the psychotic businessman, along with a gorgeous manwhore whom Tora swore to never date but ends up doing just that, she discovers her seventy-years-dead great-grandmother was actually an otherworldly warrioress.

In an effort to beat the murderous beast at its own game, Tora chooses to take on her deceased great-grandmother’s powers to gain immortality and supernatural strength.

During the transfer of powers, something goes wrong: she unwittingly releases a daemon who’s been cursed to his own realm for enslaving the fiend and working towards enslaving all factions. Now, she not only has a murderous beast on her heels but a conniving daemon who’s loose and wants to use her for his own means.




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