Heads Up For Upcoming News!

What is this upcoming news that I have to shout it from the rooftops? Starting May 1st, I’m going to be part of a Massive Summer Reader Blowout Giveaway with a lot of other authors. There will be prizes galore, free books, free chapters, and who knows what else. So, make sure you check back May 1st to learn more about the giveaway!

Blood Promise is NOW FREE on Kindle Unlimited! If you haven’t yet read it, get it now!

Also, right now you can go to my website, sign up for my newsletter and get the first five chapters of Blood Promise PLUS the free short story Katja’s Curse. Even if you’ve read Blood Promise, sign up for the free short story! If you’ve been interested in reading Blood Promise but still aren’t sure, you get the first five chapters!

With a murderous beast on her heels and a conniving daemon who wants to use her for his own means, Tora Hayden’s main objective is to keep herself and those she cares about alive.


What happens when a witch doesn’t heed the witch’s creed to Harm None and ignores the Rule of Three?


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