Tomorrow Is The BIG DAY!

It’s hard to believe April is pretty much over and tomorrow May begins, which means tomorrow is the first day of some events I’m part of. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to enter a Massive Summer Blowout Reading Contest! I’m participating with 70 other authors. Each person will receive an ebook and audio book, and the winner’s spoils are an Amazon Echo, a Kindle Fire, and 70 books! WOW! Make sure you check back tomorrow for details!

Also, I’m currently collaborating with someone for having items made pertaining to Blood Promise that will be available for sale. I don’t have any pics yet as the first item needs to be made, but once it is and ready for production, my newsletter subscribers will be the first to know! Each item will only be made for a limited time. You can sign up for my newsletter on my website or by email at tonyakerrigannewsletter (at) gmail (dot) com.

With a murderous beast on her heels and a conniving daemon who wants to use her for his own means, Tora Hayden’s main objective is to keep herself and those she cares about alive.




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