Let The Darkness Begin

In a previous post I mentioned my current WIP Blood Ties and how Tora would be led down a dark path by the bad guy. Well, guess what? It’s not just the bad guy that’s going to be leading her down that path but someone she knows and actually likes. Someone who forces her to make a choice…kill or be killed. The victim is someone she put in the position he’s currently in..so what will she do? Kill him to save her life, be the martyr and let herself die, or maybe there’s a third choice in there…a third choice that’s no better than the other two but a choice that might let her live to see another day and possibly end up saving the life of the victim too.

Hmmm…..choices, choices.

If you’d like to get your mitts on Book 1, Blood Promise, it’s available at Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, and more and has received some favorable reviews.

Loved this! Great storyline. Especially loved Ryk. – Amazon.com 5 star review

What a fantastic book, Great story line, Hope Tora’s adventures continue, Just loved Ryk, hope he turns out to be Tora’s hero – Amazon.uk 5 star review

What a fantastic, interesting read. Love the characters, great sense of humour. So sorry to reach the end….looking for more. Very unusual story line …who is good and who isn’t….you have to read to find out. Enjoy. – Amazon.ca 5 star review


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