Blood Ties: A Clue from Chapter 2 and the Beginning of Chapter 3

Here we are to the beginning of Ch. 3. A lot has already been going on, notably the murder in the preface with Tora trying to figure out why the victim had to die and who the killer is. I’ll leave you with a clue at the end of Chapter 2, and the beginning of Chapter 3.

The clue at the end of Chapter 2:

He handles money by day and entertains whores by night.

He wants to be seen as a god for the rest of his life.

Only a god can be a god; a mere mortal cannot.

He never should’ve tried to become part of the immortal lot.

His choice comes with a penalty that can only be paid,

By ripping out the heart of the matter and placing him in a lowly grave.


Beginning of Chapter 3:

Ryk or Blaed…who to contact first? The midday sun streamed in through the library windows, thankfully not heating the cool room. Phone in hand, my finger hovered over the call button. Might as well be Ryk. I was fairly certain Blaed wouldn’t have ripped out a man’s throat and then sent an anonymous note reasoning why; he’d prefer an audience instead.


Hmmm…who is our killer? And why is he killing?

Which brings us to the beginning of Chapter 4 of Blood Promise


The force of the impact threw me through the air, knocking me right out of my shoes. For a fleeting moment, I had the sensation of flying before slamming head first into the marble moon goddess. I swore I heard something crack—myself included—and landed with a grunt on my stomach. My breath whooshed out, and I couldn’t get a breath in. I attempted to roll on my side so I could sit up, but nausea and lightheadedness overwhelmed me, and bile started to come up my throat. My vision wavered and blurred and then the pain set in. Hopefully, I wouldn’t pass out.


If you’ve already read Blood Promise, then you know what happens next! If not, then I guess you’ll have to buy the book to find out! Blood Promise is available at all the major sites.



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